5 THINGS I DO TO FEEL GOOD by Akira Seuradge

5 THINGS I DO TO FEEL GOOD by Akira Seuradge, Pediatric Sleep Expert

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel…You know the song, from the guy? Anyway…

We all need pleasure. I am sure there is some science out there that we are one of the few creatures on the planet that seek out pleasure (I did not fact check this) and I think ignoring it is just unnatural.

The demands of parenthood, partnership, career, and relationships sometimes leaves me with an ultimatum. Either give in to my desires to unwind and feel good or carry on with the necessary functions that are part of daily hygiene.

Choosing a shower as my form of pleasure just makes me cringe, HOWEVER there is levels to this. Whatever moment you are at in your life journey a shower may bring you the pleasure you need at that moment, and I respect that. If we are making whatever it is priority we are winning!

I am choosing the phrase pleasure over self-care as I feel that self-care has a fine line that looks a lot like basic hygiene in some cases especially for parents. What I want is, over the top feel-good moments, pleasure.

Here are 5 things I do to make myself feel good, so I can make pleasure a priority in my life:

1 – SCHEDULE IT IN: Ok, I know putting everything in the calendar can take away from that spontaneity that adds to the fun of doing things just because they feel good, But if we are all as busy as we say we are scheduling in feel good activities makes sure they happen and keeps us accountable. If your pleasurable moments put you away from the home or require that you need child care, ensure that you are syncing your calendars and booking care when necessary.

2 – BOUJEE BEDDING: The tag line “Sleep Advocate” is not just for fun and curating a pleasurable sleep experience is a true joy for me – especially my own. There is nothing like buttery smooth bedsheets to get you in the mood for sleep and keep you cool and comfortable through the night. Looking forward to sleep and achieving the necessary amount I sleep is real pleasure for me and making it luxurious is so necessary.

3 – LAUGH, HARD: When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Laughter triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body and most importantly just feels damn good. When you have a good laugh every tension in your body releases and endorphins rush through your body providing you instant pleasure.

Ok, so I want you to laugh but you can’t really schedule in a laugh---but can you? Why not. Who’s says you can’t? When I scroll through my social feeds and find a funny meme or video or I find a funny new series, I bookmark it and when I have my scheduled time for pleasure, I pull up my collection of funnies and laugh it out. I really do this! Not sure if you recall there was a viral cat video of a lawyer in virtual litigation with a cat filter on his face #IYKYK and if you don’t, please reach out to me personally so that I can change your life. The number of laughs from this one video has taken years off my life! So, if you haven’t found the time to laugh in a while—make it a priority. It might feel weird scheduling it in but it’s so worth it.   

4 – MUSIC/DANCING: Being able to move my body and hear melodies is a privilege I am so grateful for. Now, more than ever I am much more aware of my highs and lows and make a conscious effort to control what I can to manage the lows and listening to music and a good kitchen dance party is a mood booster each and every time. Since I can’t hit up the club like I used to (can I even say “hit up the club” anymore? ) I have prepared playlists that are my go to’s for the mood I want to create. For the last month or so I have had an amazing Disco playlist in my rotation and it’s an instant energy boost.

5 – STOCK UP ON YOUR FAVS: This pandemic has taught me not to put so much value into things, especially things that may not be as easy to get and or may not be true necessities; BUT, we are talking about pleasure here people! So, it’s all necessary! Keeping a stock of my favourite wines, exfoliating masks, brand of mustard and my secret mommy chips help me to really indulge when I need to. Now these are not my everyday pleasures but when I have my scheduled feel good time or I am looking for a pick me up there is no disappointments as my favs are always on deck.

So, I hope you can use some of these tips to bring pleasure into your lives and make it stay for good!

One love,