“Experience is the best teacher” is an idiom that proves true. It’s also how I became a pediatric sleep consultant and advocate. My experience with my child’s sleep struggles, and with unrealistic expectations of achieving parenthood perfection, inspired my passion for helping parents raise good sleepers — without compromising personal beliefs. 

Through dedicating the later part of my professional life to ensuring families have an opportunity to improve childhood sleep, I’ve discovered that restorative rest is a gateway to a happy child. In turn, well-rested parents are more engaged and confident. 

To start my career, I completed extensive sleep education, receiving my credentials from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, a global leader in pediatric sleep and parenting education. Over the last three years, while my clients have recognized the value in working with a sleep consultant whose approach is fresh, I noticed a gap. Many standard sleep coaching methods forced parents to choose between proven practices and their own intuitive parental response, which some of these methods challenge. 

I created The Sleep Good Co. to bridge that gap.

I want to help build a generation of parents who don’t worry about doing the “wrong thing” with sleep. I want them to be guilt-free about prioritizing their own sleep needs or their child’s emotional needs. I want to see people openly accepting others’ personal sleep decisions, without judgment. 

My credentials, industry experience, and membership in the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants are significant, but it’s parenting my three remarkable daughters with my incredibly patient husband that make me an enthusiastic sleep advocate. 

Naturally, you and I will differ in some ways. Unlike me, you may not love your coffee extra hot, mustard on sandwiches, or luxurious sleepwear. But our most important commonality will always be in wanting to raise content and well-adjusted kids. By ensuring you and your family Sleep Good, we can make that happen.