our approach

Diverse world, political, and religious views; belonging to a blended family; your personal identity (whether as a BIPOC, member of the LGBTQ2S+ community, person with disabilities, and many other qualities that make you you); socioeconomic variables; mental health; trauma; and additional lived experiences impact how we parent. That means some common approaches to parenting won’t resonate with you — and that’s okay.

This is where The Sleep Good Co.’s dedication to empowering your family with strategies that consider your values in improving your child’s sleep quality comes in. Our sleep training methods align with The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Canadian Pediatric Society’s best practices, but they also leave room to incorporate your child’s sleep environment, schedule, age and temperament, your parental style, and the duration of your sleep challenges. Using this distinctive information, we balance trusted methods with offering options and empowering you with knowledge from various sources. 

Science is continuously learning about sleep. So, our holistic approach engages pediatricians, lactation consultants, nutritionists, dieticians, and naturopathic doctors. We also constantly review our methods against the latest research and the most proven sleep improvement strategies. But the best of science is only one part of our sleep coaching equation. The Sleep Good Co.’s process also uses emotional intelligence to create a strategy unique just to your family.

Whether you want to Sleep Good by taking a slower approach that improves sleep in gradual increments, you’re seeking a step-by-step plan with specific goals and outcomes, or you fall somewhere in between, we’re here for it.